AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT, H.S. Clark interviews Richard Van Anderson at Left Coast Crime (Video)


AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT, H.S. CLARK PRESENTS an Exclusive interview (Video) with mystery thriller author Richard Van Anderson at the Left Coast Crime Mystery Convention, Portland, OR. He wrote The Organ Takers, a Medical Thriller, the first book in the Dr. McBride Mystery Series. This is a unique look at his writing, life, and thoughts on the craft, brought to you by thriller author H.S. Clark, author of IMMORTAL FEAR: A Medical Thriller, the second book in the Dr. Powers Mystery Series. For more information on IMMORTAL FEAR: A Medical Thriller, Go to Amazon Kindle at or . IMMORTAL FEAR the Audiobook is available from Amazon Audible at  Get a $2 Audiobook rebate, call 503-482-2310 for rebate information. Music: "Not too quiet" by zikweb CC Attribution (3.0) license

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